Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Easy Casserole

Taco Casserole


1 lb ground beef
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can diced tomatoes with green chiles
1 taco kit
Shredded cheddar


Brown ground beef and drain.  Add soup, tomatoes with green chiles, taco seasoning and taco sauce from kit.  Mix well and heat thoroughly.  Heat taco shells from kit in oven according to package directions.  Crumble half of the heated shells and line the bottom of an 8x8 glass baking dish.  Add beef mixture over shells.  Crumble the other half of the heated shells and top beef mixture.  Cover with layer of shredded cheddar.  Cover pan with foil and heat in oven for thirty minutes at 350 degrees.



  1. I am going to try this in the crock pot, cooking the beef first, and putting all the crumbled taco shells on top. thank you!!!!

  2. Hope y'all enjoy it!! It's definitely a hit with kids!


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