Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Woman in the Mirror

There's a meme that is frequently posted on social media that says:

An honorable aspiration and with the way I adore my rescue Aussie, Emma; one I can truly understand!

Reading the comments on the blog post yesterday and the emails and Facebook comments I received, I realized that I also want to be the person my friends see.  I would like nothing more than the woman I see reflected in the mirror to match the woman my friends see.  Right now, I'm not there.  I am on my way, though, and my goal is for those women to be one in the same.  Currently, I'm probably about halfway between what I had become convinced I was and the woman my friends insist I am.  But the fog on the mirror is clearing more day by day.

What man or woman do you see in the mirror?  Do you see what someones has cut you down to be or what is truly you?  Has your mirror been fogged by the vitriole and disparagement of others?  How do you dispel the fog?

Let me know your thoughts and tactics for clearing that pesky fog!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On The Wings of Angels

Over the last couple of years, my domestic situation had completely broken my spirit.  It is a daily effort for me to try and mute that voice which lingers. 

Luckily for me, I am blessed with a multitude of angels.  I have the most incredible friends and family who remind me daily that "Bitch" is neither a term of endearment nor my name. 

They emphasize that "just an associate's degree" is plenty.  They point out how hard I worked to obtain that degree and how proud they are of me.

My friends and family have gone above and beyond these last few months to lift my spirits, my ego, and my heart out of the depths in which I had become mired.  I have been lifted on their wings until I can fly with my own.

Granted, I am well aware that I frustrate the hell out of them some days!!  On those days, that voice that still remains in my head is louder than theirs, and louder than other days.  But they don't give up on me.  They love me and lift me higher.

My name is not "Bitch".  My name is Mom, Grandma, Sis, and Friend.

Yes, I have an associate degree.  I busted my ass for that degree; I completed a two-year program in only sixteen months and graduated at the top of my class with a 3.9 GPA.  That "Just an associate's degree" obtained me a job I absolutely adore and I am blessed.

I am beautiful.  (ok, that one is still a stretch!)  But I have friends and even ex-boyfriends who have gone out of their way to remind me of that.  Until the last couple months, I hadn't heard those words in over two years. 

Bless my angels.  They will not let me fall.  One day, I will fly alone.  Until then, I don't have to worry...there is always an angel by my side.


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