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Your comments are always welcome here.  In fact, I often unashamedly solicit them!  That being said, there are a few guidelines for posting comments.

1.  Please stay on topic.  If you have another issue or question for me, please feel free to email me at .

2.  Please avoid the use of profanity and name calling.

3.  If you wish to post a link to a related article or blog post, please do so.  I am happy to support fellow bloggers.

4.  I retain the right to edit, censor, and maintain the blog comments on this site as part of the site content.  Any exceptions to the guidelines are made solely at my discretion.

5.  Remember anything that you post is a part of your online presence and may be available via search engine, etc.  Be cognizant of your own online reputation when posting.

6.  Each individual author of a blog post comment is legally responsible for his/her comments and any consequences thereof.

7.  No trolls allowed!!!  If you are solely visiting this blog to harass, stalk, or menace the author or any of the commenters on this blog...all appropriate action will be taken, both civil and criminal as appropriate.

8.  The posts on this blog are the original thoughts and feelings of the author.  Plagiarism will be dealt with in the appropriate forum and manner.

9.  Guest posts from fellow bloggers are welcome!  Please contact me at

I appreciate the interaction with each of you!  Please comment to your heart's content!

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