Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Holiday

Whether Samhain, Halloween, All Saints, or Dia de los Muertos...Have a happy one!!



Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sending thoughts and prayers to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Mourning the loss of life and praying for the safety of the first responders.  Stay safe, everyone!

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Blessing

This morning I am honored and thrilled to introduce my new granddaughter!  Grandma loves you!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Five Minutes!

Here's a quick recipe that will take you no more than five to ten minutes to prepare!  That leaves you plenty of time to enjoy your weekend!

No-Bake Yummies


1 pkg (12 oz) butterscotch morsels
3/4 cup peanut butter
4 cups corn flakes, crushed


Melt butterscotch morsels on low heat and add peanut butter.  Mix well, then add crushed corn flakes.  Drop by teaspoonful on to wax paper and allow to set.


Friday, October 26, 2012

The Weekend

What do you have on tap for the weekend?  It seems that most of the Eastern seaboard will be awaiting the impact of Hurricane Sandy.  I'm sending thoughts and prayers that everyone remains safe and sound.

For myself, I'll be awaiting word on the birth of my latest granddaughter.  That means being glued to my phone and Facebook!!  I'm a few states away so everything has to be electronic.  I would give anything to be there but the budget just doesn't allow!

The time I'm going to spend waiting?  I swear I'm going to use it getting caught up on emails and paperwork!

How about you?  Anything exciting going on?  Whatever it is, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Shrinking World

I spoke recently with a friend in the midst of a nasty divorce.  She mentioned how her world was shrinking.

What does she mean by shrinking?  Friends that have disappeared off the face of the earth, family that has turned their backs now that she doesn't have the income or resources she had while married, and friends that don't have time for her unless she does exactly what THEY want her to do or say.

In any divorce situation, you expect some loss of friendships.  There are the couple friends you had together who either choose sides or disappear altogether.  The ones that really hurt are the relationships that disappear due to the change in financial circumstances.  As she wondered...would this be the same reaction these loved ones would have if she died?  Would they be focused solely on the inheritance then forget about her?  Divorce is a death in a way and you see a lot of the same reactions from those you assumed had your back.

I've experienced some of it.  Obviously not the money part because I don't and didn't have any!  I do, however, have friends who no longer seem to have time for me based only on location.  Now that I'm not just right down the street or on their way to or from somewhere, I'm no longer convenient for them.  When I was conveniently located for them, I saw or heard from them frequently.  Now that I have started over in another state, even a quick email seems to be too much effort.

Divorce is a major life event.  It's on the list of those stressors that cause heart attacks.  There's a valid reason for that.  It is one of the times in your life when you need your friends and family the most.  For my friend, I am hopefully one of those that pulls closer, not farther away.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm A Chicken!!

The other night I was outside on the patio and encountered one of the animals that I sincerely cannot find it in my heart to love.  I'll admit...I turned tail and head back in to the house as soon as my little legs could carry me.  I am an animal lover, but I just can't get over my fear and distaste for this particular species!

Yep, the possum.  I don't care what anyone says about them.  I think they are one of the most vile, evil looking creatures I've ever encountered.  I will stay in my house just to avoid them.  I mean, look at that face!!  These are NOT cuddly creatures!!

I'm publicly admitting I turn tail and run when I see one.  I don't like them, I don't want to be near them, and nothing will change my opinion.

I am a chicken!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buried Alive


I don't know what happened but I'm buried alive!  I can't see the top of my desk, my email accounts are jammed full, and I'm pretty sure there are a million things I've neglected to do, people I haven't responded to, and I'm overwhelmed!

It's amazing that no matter what system you put in place, what good intentions you have...a healthy dose of life can blow it all to hell.  What is that saying?  When you make plans, God laughs.

Yep, that's the truth.  My plans have flown out the window and right now I'm just trying to keep my head above water (or paperwork, as the case may be).  Above all, I have a fantastic new idea rattling around in my head to write but I don't know when I'll manage to do it unless I start writing in the dead of night!

To my author do you carve out time to write when real life keeps getting in the way? To everyone else...what do you do to get back on track when you've completely lost your way?

Any and all suggestions desperately needed and sincerely appreciated!!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Three Branches

I think one of the things that has caught my attention this election season (besides the utter lack of civility and respect) is the lack of knowledge most people seem to have about how our government functions.

I have seen so many posts on various social media showing people's misconceptions on what each branch of government does, is responsible for, and has absolutely no power to accomplish.  Honestly, I'm not sure if it is actual ignorance of the Constitution or just people caught up in political rhetoric.

For a brief reminder, the three branches are Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  Each has separate powers granted by the Constitution.  Does anyone remember their civics lessons from elementary school?  If not, here's a refresher lesson from Schoolhouse Rock:

From some of the statements and assumptions I've seen...I believe there is a true need for Schoolhouse Rock to be re-aired immediately!!!

Whether red or blue, conservative or liberal, male or female, white or black...the hate, fear, and ignorance being expressed in this election will only result in one outcome...the American people lose.  Education is, and always has been the answer.

And those are my random thoughts this morning...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oldie but Goodie

Making lunch today, I had a thought.  There are things from our childhood that retain their appeal no matter how many years have passed.

For me today, it was Campbell's soup.  To me, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches will always be one of my favorite comfort foods.  It brings back childhood memories, warms both the body and soul, and is a quick, easy fix for what ails you.

Even better is having a book next to me while I eat.  Granted, this is best if you're alone...people tend to get a bit offended if your nose is in a book at a shared dinner table!  As the weather cools, I'm looking forward to more of these meals and treats like peppermint tea.

It's almost snuggle weather...what are you looking forward to doing?


Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pink Ribbon

A while ago, quite a few people were angered by the actions of the Susan G. Komen foundation.  I saw numerous posts saying people would no longer support them and I understand that sentiment.

However, use of the pink ribbon on products in October is not limited to just the Susan G. Komen foundation.  If you choose not to support one organization or another, always check the package before you purchase.

The pink ribbon is used during October by a large number of breast cancer charities.  When opting to purchase a pink ribbon product, the specific charity will be listed on the package.  You can still support breast cancer awareness this month without giving your money to an organization that does not share your views.

Also remember, the Susan G. Komen foundation did reverse their decision and revamped their administration.  Just a thought to keep in mind.

It's October...Buy Pink...and Fight like a girl!!!!!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Mundane Monday

Today is a Mundane Monday for me.  Wait until you see my oh so exciting list for today!

1.  Get gas for my truck.
2.  Clean out my email.
3.  Pay bills.
4.  Fold laundry.
5.  Switch spring/summer wardrobe to fall/winter wardrobe.

Can you feel the excitement in the air?  Bleah.

The truth is...not every day is filled with thrilling, fun adventures.  The blessing is that we have one more day.  Not everyone is so lucky.

With that thought, I'm going to put a smile on my face, suck down some more coffee, and start hitting that to-do list.  I'm going to make the most of this Mundane Monday!!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Money, Money, Money, Money!!!

We all want it, we all need it, and today a new page has been added to Jerri's Empty Nest to help you get it!

At the top of the blog, you'll notice a new page titled "Money Makers".  These are websites I visit on a daily basis to earn extra cash and gift cards.  There are a few things you need to know:

1.  You will NOT get rich using these websites.  But if you wouldn't mind some extra Amazon money, or a few extra bucks every month...these are right up your alley!

2.  When applicable, I have provided my personal referral link.

3.  I spend about an hour day on these websites total.  I have them set up to open when I open my browser each morning.  This works best with Chrome as you can set up multiple home pages.

I will be adding more pages to my blog in the next couple of weeks but I thought I would start with the page that will actually pay YOU!

Have a fabulous weekend and go earn some cash!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Off and On

Let me start by apologizing for the intermittent posts lately.  I've had a lot going on at home and truly needed to take a break!

I'll be working on the blog over the next couple weeks.  I want to add more pages, and hopefully increase both my traffic and my income.  Please bear with me while I work on my baby...and stay tuned for hopefully a bigger and better blog!

I appreciate y'all's patience.  Thanks for sticking with me!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Survivor Guilt

It's October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This month, I reflect on my own luck in having my cells found while they were still in columnar formation and hadn't yet invaded past the mammary ducts.  While I personally was blessed to have them caught early, the same disease stole my best friend.

Judy was literally an angel on earth.  She was patient, loving, and kind...always thinking of everyone else first.  She was everything I aspire to be...a great mom, a fantastic grandmother, and the best friend a girl could ever ask for.

We're told as children that life isn't fair.  But when I think of Judy and the fact she was taken far too soon...I can't help myself.  I get angry because it just isn't fair.  It isn't fair that she's gone.  It isn't fair that her children and grandchildren have to live without her.  It isn't fair that I got off so easy and it took her in a matter of days.  It's not fair.

I keep waiting for that famous "time heals all wounds".  In my opinion, it's a crock.  Judy's loss is still a wide open wound that hurts every day.  Cancer isn't fair.

Love yourself, love your mothers and grandmothers, love your friends.  Take them to their mammograms.  It IS that important.



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