Review Policy

Book Reviews:

All book reviews are accepted solely on the discretion of the blog author.  If you wish the review completed by a specific deadline, please submit the book to the blog author at least two weeks in advance.

All books will be reviewed honestly.  If you are looking for a rubber stamp of approval, this may not be the blog for you.  Once the review has been published, the book author is free to quote from the review on their own social media and website as long as appropriate credit is noted.

Product Reviews:

All product reviews will be completed by deadline accompanied by photos.  It is preferable to also have a product to offer to my readers as a giveaway, but is not mandatory for a review.

As in the book reviews, all reviews will be completed honestly.  If a product does not meet expected standards or performance, such will be disclosed in the review.

Once the review has been published, the manufacturer/supplier is free to quote from the review in appropriate forums with appropriate credit to the blog author.

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