Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why So Excited?

I graduate May 8th!!!!!!!!!!!

Why so excited?  I am 51 (well, I'll be 52 then) years old and this will be my first (and probably my last) graduation ceremony.   Yes, I'm excited!!

I graduated a semester early from high school and immediately entered the Air Force.  When it came time for the graduation ceremony that spring, it happened to fall on Memorial Day weekend.  Because of the holiday weekend, I was unable to obtain leave to return home as there were already too many people who had requested leave for that weekend.  I missed my high school graduation.  I never had the opportunity to wear the cap and gown, or to walk with my class.

Now, as a grandmother, I finally get to take that walk when I receive my Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Technology.  I finally get to wear that cap and gown.  I will walk with my friends with family in the audience.  Yes, I'm excited!!!

Let this be a lesson...never give up!!!  It may have taken me 34 years to get there...but I'm doing it!!!


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  1. Congratulations, Jerri! You are awesome. What a tribute to women this is, just never give up. You gave of yourself to our country and your family and now it's your turn!



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