Monday, March 18, 2013

Things I've Learned

Going through my divorce and standing by friends going through their divorces...there are a few things I've learned (the hard way!).

  1. A woman should be told she's beautiful on a regular basis.  Never let anyone treat you as less than what you are.
  2. If he isn't proud to have you on his arm and to publicly acknowledge that you are his, leave.
  3. If you are not his priority, if other things come before you, if it's all about him, leave.
  4. If your feelings are dismissed and treated as invalid, leave.
  5. Be appreciative for what you have.  If you are not appreciated in return, leave.


  1. You ARE beautiful.  Regardless of society's standards of beauty, your soul and heart shine through.  That is what is truly beautiful.
  2. Every woman is worthy of being that trophy wife.  You are a precious gift.
  3. A man who loves you will make you and your happiness his priority.  You deserve nothing less.
  4. What you feel is true and real.  A woman's intuition should be listened to and followed.
  5. Women are natural caretakers.  This is a one of a kind gift that you bestow on someone.  Be proud.
Just a few you have any to add?


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