Friday, March 1, 2013

A Bit of Business Part Five

It's been a business week here without a doubt.  It's not my favorite type of posts to write.  Self-promotion is not my strong suit.  It makes me more than a tad uncomfortable because I was brought up that "bragging" about yourself is unseemly and not appropriate behavior.  Like most women my age, we were raised to be self-deprecating and humble.  Well, I've pretty much spent this week yelling "Hey!  Look at me!".  

The truth is that being a writer is a solitary occupation.  If I don't self-promote, no one will know I exist.  Whether it's for my book, my fan page, or the main site for the blog itself, if I don't put it out there, no one else will.

I believe in being upfront about what's involved on each forum and how those results are achieved. I can't do it without the help of my readers but you can't help if I haven't made it clear how you can.  

And you, my most treasured readers, are why I do what I do.  I won't get rich doing this.  But I enjoy sharing my journey with you and I've learned so much from you in return.  Thank you so much for joining me!


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