Monday, September 16, 2013

Celebrating Womanhood 2013

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My post is extremely late today.  It was an overwhelming day at school.  When I got home, I looked at my calendar for the week and seriously wanted to curl up in the corner and cry.  Then I remembered what today was.  How was I to write a post about celebrating womanhood when this particular woman was barely hanging on by her extremely ragged fingernails?

But that is the best time to write this post.  Too often, we forget that everyday activities and surviving them is something to be celebrated!  Here's to:

The women who get up every morning and do the same chores over again and again and again.

The women who go to work each day even when their beds are still calling their names.

The women who answer a toddler's same question a hundred times...and then answer a hundred and one.

The women who juggle school, a family, and a job...and don't quit.

The women who put on a uniform and risk their lives for their country.

Honestly, this list could go on forever.  Look of these marvelous women is right there.



  1. Thanks for posting, Jerri! I think we've all had overwhelming days; I know I've had one or two (hundred). I do hope your week gets better.

  2. woman are all that and more aren't they. Hang in your days will get better. :)

    annette @ a net in time



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