Thursday, December 6, 2012


Reflecting on my life since I was forced to leave the home I loved, I realize that pain is something you actually can live with every day.  It eventually settles deep down in your gut and being alone only compounds it.

I am lucky.  I'm not currently out on the street, I have my dogs with me, and friends who love me. There is much to be thankful for.  At the same time, the loneliness is devastating.  A divorce takes not only your spouse but your best friend.  All at once, you're forced to think through and do everything yourself that you always did together.  That is where the pain originates.

I don't believe you work through the pain...I believe you work around it and it diminishes with time.  If you are truly fortunate, you have someone to take the edge off the pain, who has patience with your loneliness and fear, and who is willing to stand by your side.

As I said, I'm lucky.  I have a lot, the pain will diminish, and I will go on.  As the holiday season approaches, this is what I chose to reflect on.


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