Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why I'm Silent

Since the tragedy in Newtown, I've largely remained silent.  Why?  Because I refuse to be drawn in to minutiae.  I will only grieve for those lost.

I will not speculate on motive.  The gunman is dead.  Let the detectives conduct their investigation.

I will not blame Asperger's Syndrome.  Every child I have ever known who suffers with it has been a gentle soul.  The authorities have not determined the exact mental illness involved.  Let them do their job.

I will not speculate on the mother.  She is dead, a murder victim also.  Let her rest in peace.

I will not enter the gun control debate.  At the end of the day, you cannot legislate evil.  The same day of this tragedy, a similarly mentally ill man entered a Chinese school and stabbed twenty-two children.  No guns were involved but evil was surely present.

This is a time when our country should and for the most part has drawn together to support the victims' families and community.  Political arguments, debates, and angry speech have no place when murdered children haven't even been laid to rest.

I will still be silent...I am still grieving.




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