Friday, September 14, 2012

Beating The Rush

A simple assignment for this weekend!  It's something that needs to be done every year and something that usually gets put off until the last minute!

Christmas cards.

Yes, I said Christmas cards in September.  We're going to take a tiny step this weekend and get a huge jump on the holiday season.

If you order personalized cards, do it now!  This will avoid the problem of your favorite being out of stock and leave plenty of time for shipping.  We all know personalized items seem to take more time than the company ever says it does.

Regardless of whether you need to order cards, get working on your list.  Update addresses, get missing addresses, and figure out just how many cards you'll actually need.  Use your social media accounts to reach friends you don't have addresses for or are adding to the list.

If you have decided that actual, physical cards just aren't in the budget this year (and I completely understand!), spend some time designing an e-card that reflects you and your family this holiday season.  This also entails updating your address's just in this case it's your contact list and current emails.

Now you have your assignment...and so do I!!  Have fun!!


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