Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Simple Pleasures

In today's economy, people are having to cut back on everything but the basics.  That made me think of things I enjoy that are either free or don't cost much.  Here are some of what crossed my mind.

  1. A good book
  2. An email from a friend
  3. A phone call from my child
  4. Raspberry Zingers
  5. A hug
  6. A soft kiss
  7. Guilty pleasure television
  8. Crossing an item of a to-do list
  9. Winning a giveaway
  10. Petting my dogs
Pleasure doesn't have to be expensive.  Look at just one day of your life and notice the small, simple things that make you smile during the course of a day.  You'll be surprised how many there are!!




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