Monday, February 11, 2013

A Historical Moment

Have you seen the news today?  The Pope quit.  A short little sentence, but one of huge historical importance.

A Pope hasn't resigned since 1415.  1415...almost seven hundred years ago!!!  The amount of time since the last occurrence is just mind-boggling.

Being raised Lutheran, there are a number of things I don't know and/or understand about the Catholic church.  One of the things that has always mystified me is the selection of a pope who is already so advanced in age.  Wouldn't it make sense to place someone in that office that is robust, and has the energy to lead a congregation of one billion?

There is already a lot of talk about the Conclave choosing an American.  The truth is that the American Catholic church is still considered a toddler in the eyes of the Church.  Think about it...our country isn't even three hundred years old!  That's just a blip in the history of the Church.

This will be a fascinating time to watch the goings on in the Vatican.  The formalities, the smoke signals, and the pageantry of a new selection are a piece of living history.

Stay tuned!


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