Friday, February 15, 2013

Winning Streak

I've had a pretty good start to this year as far as sweeps go.  While I haven't won anything huge, like a trip or cash, I've still managed to score some pretty sweet deals!

I've won a Nook HD+ which I absolutely adore!  I've also won a 22lb wheel of Jarslberg cheese.  With that win, I was able to share the wealth with friends and family.  I've won a beautiful tufted chaise lounge which is absolute heaven to relax on with a good book.  In addition, I've scored a couple of books, a Zatarain's party box, fingernail polish, and probably a couple of things I've already forgotten!

I get asked on a regular basis how I do it.  Okay...I'm ready to share my secret.  Are you ready?  Are you sure you're ready?  My secret is.....


Yep, that's my big secret!  The simple truth is you can't win if you don't enter!  I try to set aside an hour a day to enter sweeps.  Some I'll enter on the fly as I come across them.  But you have to enter to win!

Now get those fingers warmed up, get online, and WIN!!


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