Friday, February 22, 2013

Frugal Homework

I have an assignment I need to do.  I have to write a paper, using a movie as my basis.  It can't be just any has to be a movie with a legal theme.  And not just any legal theme, it has to be business related.

By now, you know me.  If I have to have something, I'm going to get it for cheap or even better, free!

I chose my movie based on a list I Googled for top legal business movies.  After choosing "North Country", I headed over to Amazon.  I found the dvd for $5.99, added it to my cart, and headed for checkout.

At checkout, I had a $5.00 Amazon promotion code on dvds.  I'm now down to $.99!  Of course, I also had Amazon credit built up so those last few cents were covered!

My homework assignment is covered, I get a great movie, and all for free!!

Trust me on this can do it too!!  It just takes a little work and paying attention to freebies when they're posted!


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