Monday, October 13, 2014

Open Floodgates

A couple of weeks ago, I dedicated the entire week of blog posts to domestic violence.  I was among a large number of bloggers with the same focus as it was also leading the national news.

Little did I know how it would open the floodgates.  I have heard from so many women who are living with physical, emotional, and verbal abuse as well as those living with infidelity.  

It broke my heart to know so many women are living in such situations.  I have felt so helpless, feeling that the small bits of advice I could give were completely inadequate.  At best, I simply provide an example of someone who has survived and is beginning to thrive.

Then the light bulb went off.  These women weren't asking me for a quick fix.  More than anything, they just wanted to talk to someone who had been there and knew what they were feeling.  They needed to share with someone that didn't need an explanation of the fear.  I don't need that explanation...I know it intimately.

For any other women out there who haven't talked...find someone like me.  We are out there by the thousands.  We care, we love you, and we listen.


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