Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Real Men

One thing that was brought up over and over again in the discussions regarding domestic violence was the subject of "real men."  I happen to have a few thoughts on the matter!

1.  Real men do not curse at women.

2.  Real men do not call women vulgar names.

3.  Real men do not raise their hand to women even if only to threaten.

4.  Real men do not lay their hands on women in anger...EVER.

5.  Real men do not denigrate another man's woman.

6.  Real men do not disrespect their mothers, ex-wives, or complete strangers.

7.  Real men treat women with respect.

8.  Real men protect the women they love.

9.  Real men defend those women they see being abused.

10.Real men do not support men who abuse.

I am sure there are more that other women can add to this list but I think it pretty much covers the basics.  As women, and especially as mothers, we have a responsibility to settle for no less than a real man and to raise our sons to be the same.


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