Monday, October 27, 2014

Reality Check

Friday, I came home from work in a thoroughly pissy mood.  It had not been the best afternoon and I was looking forward to indulging in a major pity party.

I got home and logged onto Facebook.  Seeing a post from a friend battling cancer, I had a serious reality check.  My crappy afternoon immediately seemed incredibly petty and small.  Rather than spread my grumpiness, I simply posted a picture of my glass of wine and kept my pity party private. I still indulged in that pity party, I just refrained from dragging anyone else down with me.

While social media encourages us to share, not everything falls into the "share" category.  Moods like anger, grumpiness, and self-pity are better contained than spread.  Happiness, joy, and laughter need to be spread as much as possible.  I don't mean to infer that any "bad" news has to be supressed.  Actually, social media has become an incredibly useful tool when news needs to be shared at a rapid pace to a large amount of people.  General bitching and whining, however, do not need to be put out in the universe.  There is more than enough of that out there already.

For the next couple of days, watch your newsfeed.  I think you will each have that one person who constantly lives in and shares that negative place.  Examine how you feel when you see that person posting.  Is it viewed with a sense of dread?  Is that what you want to share with your world?  Definitely a stop and think moment, isn't it?

Spreading tons of love,

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