Friday, April 22, 2016

Buddy Check on 22!

I read the following article on the New York Times yesterday.  It resonated with me as I am a veteran and because I believe its message is vitally important.  Hence, the extra post today.

Here is the article:

Every day in the United States, we lose 22 veterans to suicide.  Not only is this number completely unacceptable, it is heartbreaking.  22 is 22 too many.  Buddy Check on 22 encourages veterans of military units to check in every month on the 22nd.  It has already saved at least one veteran who had planned to commit suicide.

It is incredibly easy to lose track of time and, thus, lose track of people.  How often have you looked at Facebook and thought "Hmmm...So-and-so hasn't posted in a while..."  I know I'm guilty.  Life gets busy, we get distracted, and well-meaning intentions fall to the wayside.  

Does this mean that I don't love and care about the people I served with any less?  No.  What it does mean is that I need to do and be better.  For all my fellow veterans, use your social media.  Post a roll call.  If someone doesn't answer, go looking for them.  It is one day a month and only a few minutes of your time.  But that tiny bit could make all the difference to a veteran in pain.

#22TooMany #IPromiseToListen


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