Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Thursday Ten

We have covered a number of subjects, tasks, and goals on the Thursday 10.  I would like to wrap up this feature with a list of some of the salient points we have touched upon.

1.  Re-use.  If possible, upcycle what you already have for a new use.

2.  Reduce.  The truth is that we all have way more stuff than we need.  If this was not the case, storage units would not be a multi-billion dollar industry.

3.  Recycle.  When possible, keep what you can out of a landfill.  The old adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure is the truth!!

4.  Eliminate.  Whether it be clutter or toxic people, eliminate those things from your life that do not bring you joy.

5.  Protect.  Protect yourself from those in your life that bring dissent, complaints, and misery.

6.  Preserve.  Take care of the items you own.  You thought them important enough to have them in your life, treat them with the respect they deserve.

7.  Learn.  Learn those tips and tricks necessary to live a simpler, more peaceful life.

8.  Mourn.  Mourn the loss of the things you have released.  At one time, they had meaning.

9.  Let go.  Let go of the emotions tied to the people and things you have released.  Carrying those emotions is just another burden.

10. Move Forward.  Nothing is gained by remaining in the past.  As the saying goes, there is a reason the windshield is larger than the rear-view mirror.  A simpler, calmer, more joyous future awaits.

Thus ends the Thursday Ten.  As tomorrow is Earth Day, put some of these practices into action and honor Mother Earth.  She is the only one we have and her resources are finite.  Don't waste them.


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