Tuesday, April 26, 2016


One of the main things I have learned in my reduction experiment this year is to be mindful.  Not only mindful of the things and people I cherish, but mindful of my environment, what and who I bring and allow into my environment, and mindful of the path I have chosen.

Now, I am extremely protective over who I allow into my circle, with whom I spend time, and on whom I expend my energy.  My time is precious and limited.  I spend it on those people and those activities that bring me joy.

Before I make a purchase, I am mindful of where it will reside in my home, can I do without it, and can my money be used for a bigger goal.  For example, I was window shopping this weekend and saw a cute dress marked down.  Before I left the store, it was back on a rack as I had no immediate need for it and that money could be better used making my home into my nest.

Before I do anything, I ask myself if I love it, if I need it, and if it will further me on my path.  Being mindful is not the same as being selfish.  It is about protecting my time, emotions, and resources.  It is about enjoying my life.  It is being mindful of the actions I take and the butterfly effect each has.

Be mindful.  Look around your environment and make sure it is full of things that bring you joy.  You will be amazed at how being mindful changes your life.


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