Friday, June 7, 2013

Easy Savings

The other day I was watching "Extreme Couponing" on TLC.  In my wildest dreams, I can't picture myself achieving those kinds of savings.  For one, I don't have forty hours a week to devote to the endeavor.  I wish I did.  But I do have a simple tip I use to garner some easy savings.

Did you know that the majority of dollar stores accept coupons?  I'm talking the big ones...Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree.  Yes, Dollar Tree.  Where everything is only a dollar. 

Look through the coupons in your Sunday paper.  Pay attention in particular to those coupons for personal hygiene items.  Why?  These are the highest value coupons.  Dollar Tree carries a large variety of personal hygiene items, many of them name-brands.  If you have a coupon for 75 cents off, your purchase is only going to be a quarter.

At Family Dollar and Dollar General, your best bet is going to be paper goods and cleaning products.  These stores regularly carry these items at discounted prices.  When you use the manufacture coupons in addition to the discounted price, your savings accumulate quickly.

Sunday morning, look at those coupons in a new light.  Keep in mind the products you've seen at your local dollar stores.  The savings are yours for the taking!!


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