Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Remember way back when Oprah persuaded a large number of women in this country to keep a gratitude journal?  Did any of you actually do it?

I'll admit...I tried.  I actually kept up with it for a week or two, but then it fell by the wayside.  Life got in the way and my natural ability to forget everything including my name kicked in.

One thing I learned...say thank you immediately.  Let the people you are thankful to and for know that fact as soon as possible.  There is no need to write in a journal.  Say it.  Keeping a personal list may serve as a reminder to you, but that doesn't translate to the people you are grateful for.

A book hidden away in your nightstand drawer won't tell the people in your life that you appreciate them.  A sincere thank you from you to them will. 

Assignment for today?  Thank someone.  We all have someone we owe thanks.  For today, pick just one and say thank you.  No need to run out and buy a journal.  A phone call, a Facebook post, a notecard, or an email will do.  Do it now.


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