Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Favorite Parable

A minister was out one day visiting his parishioners.  Stopping by Mrs. Smith's home, he spent a goodly portion of the visit listening to her complaints about her neighbor, Mrs. Jones.  Mrs. Smith went on and on about the faults of Mrs. Jones.  Looking out the window, Mrs. Smith exclaimed, "Look, she can't even do laundry!  Do you see how dirty it is?"  Following her gaze, the minister gazed out the window and admitted to himself that, yes, the laundry did appear a bit dirty.

Wrapping up his visit with Mrs. Smith, the minister headed over to Mrs. Jones' home.  Answering his knock at the door, Mrs. Jones greeted him with a smile.  Settling in for a chat, the minister was impressed with her gentle nature.  Mrs. Jones expressed her concern over Mrs. Smith and the disconnect between them.  It saddened her and she ws confused as to the source of the animosity.  Glancing out the window, the minister was amazed to see her laundry, now gleaming a bright white.

Are you looking out a dirty window or are your windows sparkling clean?  Personally, I have days when my windows are dirtier than others.  In addition, we all have those in our lives who seem to live with perpetually dirty windows.  Their words seem to be constantly colored with discontent.  It hides sometimes behind "well-meaning" advice, "just kidding", or "just saying".  Some don't bother to hide it at all.  Their words are blatantly filled with hate and anger.  You cannot be responsible for someone else's windows.  All you can do is make sure your own offer a clear view.  With that clear view comes kindness and compassion.

Wishing you sparkling, clean windows...


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