Monday, September 8, 2014

Scary as Hell

Starting over is scary...scary as hell.

I received a phone call from a dear friend.  She is in a situation that she knows she needs to leave; but fear has her frozen.  I've been there.  I stayed in an unhealthy realtionship way past when I should have ran for the hills.  Fear is not only a powerful motivator; it's also a formidable wall.

When I spoke with her, I reminded her that it could be done, that I was in the process of doing just that, and is scary as hell.  The unknown is a place of unknown dangers but it is also a place of yet to be discovered joys.

Taking that leap is scary as hell.  What is courage?  Being afraid and doing it anyways.  You can always imagine a million reasons why the status quo is the safest route.  Those same million reasons are also the same as to why you should go.  And's scary as hell.

I tempered my advice with the disclaimer that it was coming from a bonehead (me) who had made some hideously horrible choices.  I survived intact and the peace I now enjoy is greater than any fear.  I won't lie, the fear still pops up its ugly head now and again but moving forward is the cure.  It is scary as hell.

Take the leap.  I promise you will grow wings on the way down.  And is scary as hell.  It can be done.


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