Friday, September 12, 2014

Some Don'ts for Frugal Friday

I have to was pretty tough to come up with a Frugal Friday post and stay with this week's "Scary as Hell" theme.  After pondering it for quite a while...this is what I've got:

There is a huge trend on Facebook right now for local garage sale and for sale pages.  While this allows people to sell their excess stuff, raise bill money, or dispose of those bridesmaid dresses, there are some things to avoid to make sure your experience doesn't become scary as hell.

1.  Don't accept anything except cash for your goods.  I don't care what kind of sob story someone comes up payment plans, no checks, and no credit cards!!

2.  Don't meet anywhere other than a public place!  A mall parking lot (they have security and cameras) or a fast food restaurant will work just fine.

3.  Don't be alone at home if the item is so big it must be picked up.  If you are a woman, grab your husband, boyfriend, or guy friend to hang out with you so you are not alone.  It sounds sexist but it is truly just common sense.

4.  Don't represent your items as something they are not.  The people on these pages are ruthless when it comes to outing someone for selling inferior or broken goods.

5.  Don't make a promise to pick something up and not show.  Again, you will be called out publicly and it may result in your banishment from the page.

Follow these few helpful tips and it should deter your experience from becoming "scary as hell"!!


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