Monday, September 29, 2014

Why I Walked

This past weekend I participated in the American Heart Association 5k.  I was asked why and here is my reply.

I live in this community.  I work here.  I play here.  One of the responsibilities of being part of a community is that you also participate in that community.  My chosen method of participation is charity walks.

Why charity walks?  I have a few reasons.  One, it raises money for that specific cause.  The most popular are heart, diabetes, leukemia, and breast cancer.  Two, my ancient fat butt needs the exercise!  Living in the South, however, the walks are limited to the colder months of the year.  Third, the walks enable me to spend time with my friends.  We chat as we walk and get to spend a quality hour together.

This type of opportunity and thousands more are available in your community also.  Volunteer at a local school or library.  Walk the dogs at the shelter.  Deliver meals to the elderly.  There are too many to list.

Our communities only become better when the residents participate.  What can you do to better your home?


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