Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What If?

This week, keeping with "scary as hell", I have decided that today is "What If" Wednesday.  I'll pose the questions.  Answer them privately (or publicly if you're brave) and add your own "What If" to the list.

1.  What if I am alone?

2.  What if he/she doesn't love me as much as I love him/her?

3.  What if my child gets in trouble?

4.  What if my car finally gives out?

5.  What if I lose my job?

6.  What if I lose my home?

7.  What if my friends aren't there for me?

8.  What if I can't make the bills?

9.  What if the darkness I feel is overwhelming?

10. What if the pain is still there?

These aren't easy "what ifs."  As a matter of fact, they are scary as hell.  But every single one of them has a worst case scenario that can be overcome, lived through, and emerged from into a new life.

Look at your answers.  Did you imagine the worst case scenario for each?  Review them, and think about what you need, would, should, or could do to get out of that scenario.  Those are your true answers to the questions.

Scary as hell?  You bet!!  Life-altering?  Often.  Will you make it through?  I have no doubt.


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