Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Simple Joys

This past weekend, the weather was beautiful and I spent a good bit of time outside in my backyard.  While I was enjoying the somewhat cooler temperatures, I stilled myself and observed my surroundings.

My backyard is lush and green.  Because of that, we have an abundance of wildlife that visits.  Saturday, I noticed that my yard was full of butterflies and honeybees.  What a beautiful sight!  Watching the honeybees visit the jasmine and the butterflies coming in and out of the yard filled my soul and brought me simple joy.

On Sunday, the backyard visits were filled more with chores, but when I stopped to rest, I noticed a multitude of brightly colored dragonflies all over the yard.  Their jewel tones flashed in the sunlight, and I reveled in the beauty.

Each morning as I drive to work, my route takes me right along the beach.  Whether sunny or gray, it is a beautiful vista and the perfect way to begin my day.

Look around you.  There is beauty everywhere.  Still yourself for just a few minutes and actually see it.  Let it fill your soul with joy.  That joy brings peace and contentment.  Those are incredible benefits from such tiny things as bees and butterflies.


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