Wednesday, December 14, 2016

In Defense of Trolls

I recently became aware that I have a troll.  As someone who works a full-time job, publishes this blog five days a week, am still unpacking and organizing my new home, and complete my moneymaker sites seven days a week, I am quite confused as to when I am supposedly living this troll-worthy life.  I do not even get off work until 11:15 and then go immediately to bed!!

However, trolls do deserve our pity.  Imagine a life so empty that you spend your time stalking others in a virtual environment.  Imagine being so devoid of any redeeming qualities yourself that you live to belittle and demean others.  They truly deserve our pity, don't they?  If you were not so busy living an actual life, would you not feel some sympathy?

Yes, trolls have my pity.  Unfortunately, I am too busy from the moment I awaken to the moment I collapse back into my bed to afford them anything more than that.

And to my troll?  Please, please, please let me know where you found that extra 15 minutes where I am supposedly living this fascinating, interesting life...BECAUSE I COULD REALLY USE THAT TIME TO TAKE A NAP!!


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