Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Deals at the Dollar Store

Ahhh...the dollar store!  A shopping playground that doesn't break the bank!

Now some deals:

1.  Plastic bins, baskets, buckets, etc.  Perfect for organizing craft supplies, grandkids' toys, and anything else you can possible think of.  I even use one to corral all the chip clips I have floating around!

2.  Food containers.  Most dollar stores carry a variety of sizes.  I purchase these from the dollar store to send food home with the kids.  That way I don't have to worry about my good ones disappearing forever!

3.  Reading glasses.  As we empty nesters know...reading glasses become necessary after a certain age!!  But they are small and easily misplaced.  So better to lose a pair that cost a dollar than a $50 pair from the eye doctor!

4.  Childhood candy.  I'm talking Necco wafers, Mary Janes, and wax soda bottles!!  Yes, the candy of our childhood that I swear I can only find at my local dollar store.  Thank you for the memories!

5.  Wine glasses.  Yes, I said wineglasses.  Whether you're having a bash and are afraid of your good glasses being broken, or etching glasses for gifts...your local dollar store has wine glasses!

Now these are just a few of the deals available.  Everybody has their favorites but I thought I would share a few of mine!

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