Monday, August 8, 2011

A Proud Moment

Sunday, a friend and I went to the art museum to see the latest exhibit.  When she arrived, my husband commented on how much weight she had lost and told her she looked fantastic.  Wow!!  I was beyond impressed!  Like a lot of men...unless you walk in the room with a lime green mohawk, he just doesn't notice.  So when he not only noticed but complimented her, I was so proud!!

And then he went a step too far.  He offered up MY closet when she reached her goal!  And when she does meet her goal, she will be my size!  It's not that I'm not generous and I would be happy to share with her.  But I know my friend's taste...and I can easily picture my favorite pieces walking out the door!

Oh well...she deserves it.  She's worked really hard and she does look amazing!  So my closet is open.  But don't blame me if I hide a piece or two!

And thank God her feet are smaller than mine.  My stilettos are safe!

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  1. Love you! You are both great people and I am forever grateful for the support the two of you show me.



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