Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Hubby and I are preparing for a garage sale this coming weekend.  And I mean a MAJOR sale.  So we spent all day Saturday unloading the attic and going through every single box.  Let me tell you...an attic is NOT the place to be in Austin in August!!  Not sure what the temperature was up there, but the garage itself was 105 degrees.

As we're taking stuff down the ladder, I notice a look on my husband's face.  You know the look a child gets when they're caught with their hand in the cookie jar?  Yeah...that look.  And I realize he's taking tackle boxes down out of the attic.  Now he already has five tackle boxes in the garage.  And I understand that...we're talking fresh, bay, deep sea, etc.  But why are all these boxes in the attic?

And down comes another tackle box...

And another one...

And another one...

And another one...

See a pattern?  All told, we pulled nine tackle boxes out of the attic.  NINE!!!  And as each one came down the ladder, there was that little boy look.  I couldn't help but laugh!!  This was also the same man who tried to convince me that most of the stuff in the attic was mine...NOT!!

So the garage sale will include a lot of tackle boxes.  Actually, it will include a lot of guy stuff!!  And seeing that look on my husband's face made that hot, sweaty day worth it!!

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