Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Hidden Treasures

The garage sale prep continues...

Sunday, we focused on cleaning out the shed.  One of the biggest (and I mean huge!) items in the shed was an arc welder.  Funny, when we were cleaning out the attic, I know I saw two welders in the garage.  And my education then began.

It seems a man needs more than just one welder.  Who knew??  The huge one in the shed is an arc welder that can weld up to 1 inch steel plate.  You case you have to prepare for 2012 and the apocalypse!!  The two in the garage are actually MIG welders.  One can do up to 1/2 inch and one can do up to 1/4 inch.  Umm...if the big one can do up to an inch, can't it do the smaller sizes too?  Well, it turns out it can't.  It's too powerful.  So you have to have one of each.

Now, I'm not sure exactly when I've ever asked for household stuff to be welded...but the Hubby assures me that they're all necessary equipment.  Okay....

So I've learned that when it comes to a man and his tools, the best response is the infamous "Yes, Dear".  I'm sure Hubby has some idea of what he is going to use all this stuff for, and who am I to argue?  After all, he's never said a word about the two sewing machines!!

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