Friday, January 13, 2012

As It Ends

Be Nice on the Internet week is winding down.  It's actually a shame that there was even a need for such a week.

I've covered this week from a few different angles.  It really comes down to common sense and common courtesy.  Two words:  Be Nice.  Really, how hard is it?

Obviously for some, it never crosses their mind.  It's up to those of us who do care about each other to step up and take action.

Be kind.  Think about your words before you put them on the internet for all eternity.  Yes, you can delete something you've posted...but not before it's been read and the damage done.

Remember that we don't know what is going on behind the scenes.  Even if someone puts on a happy exterior, consider the interior before you speak.

Consider the ripple effect.  Know what your personal actions and your interactions with bullies do to others in your life.  Walk away if necessary.

Protect your children and grandchildren.  Watch their pages, tweets, and postings.  Watch not just for bullies, but what they may not realize is bullying behavior on their part.

I humbly pray that my words have touched someone this week.  I pray that I have made a small difference in the prevalent culture of cruelty.  I pray that I have saved just one person just one moment of hurt and pain.  If any of that is true, I have done my job and done it well.

Above all else...Be Kind.


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