Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Darling Rescue

Both of my dogs are rescues.  As anyone with a rescue knows, they come with their own set of quirks!  Here lately, Max's have been in the forefront.

For one, Max loves strawberries.  As in, he will pick them right off the plant, and is so delicate that he actually leaves the hull on the plant.  Needless to say, every spring my strawberry plants are now in hanging baskets he can't reach!!

Recently, Max has lost weight...a much-needed loss!  One morning last week, I woke to find his collar on the floor.  No biggie, it was loose and easily could have been shaken or pawed off.  But how the hell did he unbuckle it???

Max loves to carry our personal items around the house.  He doesn't chew...just carries them.  Hubby has started keeping his work shoes on top of the dresser just so he knows where they are every morning.  But Max has gotten a bit bored with just carrying shoes.  Case in point?  The hunt I had to go on this morning to find my bra!  Thankfully, I didn't have company first was in the middle of the living room floor!

Are you doing something other than paying attention to Max?  Guaranteed, he will lay his head on your magazine, remote, needlework, etc. to gently remind you that HE is more important!  At 13 years old, he is more important.  We don't have much time left together and I treasure every quirk, every hunt for shoes, and drool all over my magazine.  If you are looking for unconditional love in your life...look no further than a rescue!

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