Monday, January 2, 2012

So It Begins

It's the New Year.  Yesterday didn't really count as it was the holiday with special traditions and activities for the day.  But today it's real, down to the nitty gritty.  Time to begin the journey of this fresh, new year and explore the possibilities it entails.

Whether you set a specific resolution, have a goal for the year, or just a general philosophy or plan for the is the day it all begins.  I'm ready and eager for a new year, and I'm praying it will be a far better one.

I took a baby step or two this weekend.  One of my goals is to get an earlier start on handmade projects for the year.  You saw a few blog posts about that very subject.  This weekend, I visited a couple different stores and picked up the notions and findings I needed to complete some of those projects.  Hey!!  I said it was a baby step!!  Even baby steps count.  Actually, any step in that forward direction counts!!

When I chose my resolution on Real Life Change, it was to follow my dream.  I'm not quite ready to reveal what that dream is but have taken a baby step in that direction also.  When I reach that dream...y'all will be the first to know!

So what baby steps are you going to take today?  Is it walking a few more steps than yesterday?  Is it having a bit less dessert than the day before?  Not all goals are reached by leaps and bounds.  The greatest inventions in history began with one single thought.

It's YOUR new year.  Make the most of it.  And above all else, be kind.



  1. Thank you Jerri! It's good to be reminded that even the crafty things I do are important in my life.

  2. And not just in yours...the recipients know you are giving your time, talent, and love!



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