Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Frugal Date

Have you stopped or cut back on date night due to the economy?  There are quite a few things you can do that cost less than $20 and still give you that valuable "couple" time!

1.  Take a walk together.  Go to your local lake, river, or park and take a walk.  Hold hands and talk to each other without the world interrupting.  Cost:  Free.

2.  Visit a museum.  The majority of museums offer a certain day of the month for free or reduced admission.  One of our local art museums is free every Thursday.  There's no rule that says date night should only be on a Friday or Saturday!  Cost:  Free or under $20.

3.  Dance.  I don't mean go to a club, pay a cover charge, and buy over-priced watered-down drinks.  A bottle of wine and your iPod will do the same thing.  Close the drapes, dim the lights, and slow dance.  A decent bottle of wine can be had for under $10...ask at your local liquor store for recommendations.  Cost:  Under $10.

4.  Dinner and a movie.  Pizza delivery chains are always running specials for deals $10 and under.  You can rent a movie from Redbox for $1.20 or get one on demand for $3.95.  Cuddle up together on the couch, enjoy your pizza and watch a scary movie with the lights off!  Cost:  Under $20.

5.  Explore.  If your city is anything like Austin, there are neighborhoods all over town with cute shops, interesting street vendors, and trailer eateries.  Explore your own city and enjoy an afternoon together.  Stop for an ice cream, hold hands while walking, and play tourist in your own town.  Cost:  Under $20.

These are only a few ideas...I'm sure my readers can come up with hundreds more!  Remember that just because money is tight, doesn't mean that everything has to be cut.  It's during a bad economy that we need to draw closer together.   I hope these ideas give you a starting point!


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