Monday, January 9, 2012

My Dinner Party

Real Simple Magazine is running a promotion this week called "Be Nice On The Internet".  To go along with that, my posts this week will focus on that subject.

Welcome to my dinner party!  That's how I view social media, as if I had invited you into my this case, my wall.

When we were growing up, there were certain standards you put in play in polite company.  You didn't discuss politics or religion as both subjects can lead to discord and hurt feelings.  I realize that is an old-fashioned idiom but that doesn't necessarily make it wrong.  Social media is just that...Social.  There are certain standards of behavior for social settings.  I try to abide by them.

So if you're on my wall on any of the social media networks...welcome to my dinner party.  I will do my best not to offend and I will police my pages to make sure I am treated with that same respect.  I respect the fact that so many have fervent opinions on politics and/or religion.  If you choose to share those opinions on your own social media, I respect that right.  But know that I will not share that content or comment on it.  In too many cases, I have seen such posts contain hatred, bigotry, and blatant disrespect for both individuals and groups of people.  It is my choice and my right not to participate in those activities.

Welcome to my dinner party!  Have a seat, get comfortable.  Share your thoughts and dreams, what's going on in your life.  Yes, the mundane things too!  It's in the daily grind that we learn just how much we have in common and is there any better source for humor than daily life?  Tell me...what's going on in your world?




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