Thursday, November 1, 2012

A New Angel

There is no greater pain in this world, I believe, than the pain of a parent who has lost a child.  It happened to one of my dearest friends this week and I cannot imagine her pain.  I don't have the words to comfort her.

But I hope she knows how much her son loved her.  I hope she knows that he felt so safe and secure when she walked in to his hospital room in Hawaii for the first time.  I hope she knows how he loved each and every card she made sure were sent to his hospital room.  I hope she knows the pride he felt at finally introducing his wife to her.  I hope she knows the incredible joy he felt seeing his daughter snuggled in his mother's arms.  I hope she knows how he treasured each moment he spent with his sisters and brother.

I hope she knows she has a new guardian angel watching over her.  I hope she knows he will always be there in her heart.  I hope she knows.

My words are inadequate.  I close this post with her own words.  I hope she knows I love her.

Heaven has a new Angel, Marine Sgt. Kenneth D. Reich passed Oct. 30, 2012 @ 7:30 pm of MDS. He leaves behind his wife Sayuri Furuyama-Reich and 19 month old daughter Nanami Reich. His mom (me) Patricia Kenner, step-dad Grant Kenner. Siblings Brandy Reich, Anna Reich, Kimberly Kenner and William Kenner. A nephew, Jose A. Perez III, and a niece Angelica Perez. Please visit his page, *Prayers For Danny* I lost a huge part of my heart and the USMC lost one of their best.


  1. Jerri that is beautiful. Thank you for your tribute. He was/is my everything. I just realized that last paragraph was actually written by me and I left off his Step-mom, Angie Sotolongo and his other little brother, with whom he was able to become close to, Angel Reich. I love you too Jerri! Love Patti



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