Thursday, November 8, 2012

From A Mother's Heart

The following was posted by Danny's mother on the Prayers for Danny Facebook page.  It is my privilege to share her message with you.

Danny used to ask me "Mom, if everything happens for a reason, like you say, then why is this happening to me? I have tried to live my life to be the best person possible, I tried to do everything right." I would tell him "Danny, I don't kn
ow, maybe someday you are going to help someone else get through cancer, maybe someday I will have cancer and you will help me. Honey I don't know why." Now after his year and a half fight, I too have been trying to understand what the reason was. Why did he have to fight sooo hard for sooo long to still end up losing his life. Then someone posted something about their pains seeming small compared to what he went through and that he was such an inspiration. That made some sort of sense to me. That maybe Danny went through what he did in order to help others cope, with grace when faced with hard times or pain. I hope in the future whenever anyone out there feels overwhelmed or that they can't go on, you think of Danny and know that you can. I was looking for music for his funeral and I came across this and just had to share it with the legions of facebookers that are hurting right along with us, Danny's family.

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  1. We just don't know what tomorrow will bring. Every day is a gift. Some of us don't have to endure pain as much as others. At the same time, we endure so much more than the average person. Love deeply, with passion and no regrets. Embrace every day as if it were your last. Fight for this life!



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