Monday, November 12, 2012

The Sounds of Heartbreak

The soft rustle of suit coats and fancy dresses as family and friends reach out to each other for comfort and strength.

The laughter as memories and stories are shared and a life is celebrated.

Soft sobs as people sit in quiet reflection.

A mother's cry as the casket is closed.

The revving of engines as the Patriot Guard prepares to ride.

The tick of flashers in the funeral procession.

The snap of flags lovingly placed on veterans' graves.

A 21 gun salute, each volley a virtual assault causing actual physical pain.

The murmur of a Marine's voice as flags are presented to a widow and a mother.

The cry of a baby not understanding why her mother is sobbing.

The click of a camera shutter, grabbing memories for a baby girl to hold what she will not remember.

Car doors slamming as mourners drift away.


  1. Moments that life never prepares you for. Each moment significant like no other. :(

  2. A powerful poem. Jerrilynn, you are a poet! I love your writing.



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