Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Social Media Day

Sunday, I attended the Social Media Day celebration at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino.  Wow!!  What a fabulous event!!

First, let me share a couple of photos I took at the Beau.  They have nothing to do with the event, but this place is so stunning, I have to share.

They have the most beautiful floral arrangements!!!  It's hard to tell from the picture...but this is about five feet across!

On to the event...It was held at the Eight75 club inside the hotel.  The setting was perfect...large enough to party but intimate enough that you didn't feel lost in the crowd.  This is the Beau's third year of participating in Social Media Day.  The hotel decided to participate to guild a strong social media presence and to interact with fans of the Beau.  The event was well organized, easy to register, and quite enjoyable!

Throughout the evening, trivia questions were sent by text that needed to be replied to on Twitter.  Below is a picture of the prizes awarded for the trivia contest:

I did get lucky and came home with a new Apple TV!!  The trivia questions were all based on social media and were a blast to answer.  It was an extremely creative way of playing the game!  The only suggestion I would make is to have a charging station available.  We were all so diligent about tweeting; everyone burned through their phone batteries pretty quick!

In addition, there were special drinks created for the festivities.  Personally, I recommend the "Facebook Friend"...it was scrumptious!!

Oh...did I mention we all received a free t-shirt for attending?  I personally love having a t-shirt to remember an event!

The entire event was a lot of fun and I was so happy I was able to attend.  Jessica and the rest of the social media crew for the Beau Rivage did a outstanding job!!!  The music provided by DJ Zack Avelon was fantastic, perfect for dancing and not so loud you couldn't have a conversation.

Next year, find the Social Media Day event in your area, and be sure to attend.  For me...you'll find me at the Beau!!


p.s.  Remember my post a few days ago reviewing the show, "Funambula"?  Check out the pic below with the star of the show, Bello!

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