Friday, July 5, 2013

The How of the Matter

Quite often, I win various prizes on Facebook.  The response I get most often?  How do you win all this stuff?

The answer is actually quite simple.  I enter.  Think of the lottery.  You will never win if you don't have a ticket.  Makes sense, right?

To enter contests on Facebook, a large number of them are listed here.  For others, if you like the page of your favorite brands, the actual sweeps will be posted on a tab on that page.

A surefire way to find sweeps is to watch what your friends are doing.  Frequently, a contest or sweeps will require that you share the sweepstakes either for entry or to earn extra entries.  Keep an eye on your friends' walls and see if they are entering.  If so, click on those links and enter also!

Remember, companies run these sweepstakes to interact with the fans of their brand.  When winning, be sure to thank them publicly on their pages.  Companies are not required to give products away for them that you are appreciative of the opportunity.



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