Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Brand New Me

The last few months (or year) have been an absolute hell.  There's not a pretty way to describe it.  However, I will not allow the past to dictate my future except where it serves as a warning.

I have immersed myself joyfully in my new life.  I have decorated my new home, started attending classes and workshops to learn new things, and I enjoy every second at my new job.  There were a whole lot of "news" in that sentence!!

And "new" is okay!!  There is no law that says you can't reinvent yourself or expand your horizons once you're over 50 years old.  As a matter of fact, the maturity and life lessons you have accumulated along the way make this the perfect time to do just that!

Don't leave everything in the past, however.  Carry those that love you with you into the future.  A good friend is a treasure that can never be left behind.  I am blessed with the best!!

As I move forward, remember you can also.  There is nothing stopping you...except you.  If you need some encouragement, hit me up!!  You have all my support!


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