Saturday, August 30, 2014


Not a recipe for today, but today's post is still recipe related.

Look at your cookbooks.  Quite a few probably haven't been touched in a while because you know the recipes you like by heart.  Don't throw those books away!!

Before you toss, donate, or recycle...look through those books one more time.  Are there certain recipes in them that your kids loved?  Don't let those cherished recipes from their childhood disappear.  Sort through the books, separating them into piles by which child would most enjoy which recipes.

When my grandmother passed away, most of her recipes were lost forever as they had never been written down.  To this day, I still cannot recreate them and make them taste the same as they did when Grandma made them.

Give your children a head start.  Pass down those cookbooks.  Tag the pages for their favorites, and write your own personalized notes in the margins.  It will turn an old, used cookbook into a family treasure.


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