Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Power of Laughter

As I write, I am listening to my son play video games with a friend.  The peals of laughter coming from that room warms my heart.  That kind of laughter has been missing from my life for quite a while and it is a welcome return.

Even if you are not the one laughing, it is such a gift to hear someone you love having fun and enjoying themselves.  It reminds you that there is joy in the world and even if you don't have a grasp on that joy right this's just around the corner.

I have laughed a lot these last couple of months, including a number of times where I've laughed until I cried.  Pure, unadulterated joy has returned and I see joy in a multitude of ways every single day.  Each morning as I smell the sea breeze, enjoy my morning cup of coffee, and watch the dogs play in the yard...I realize I am blessed and I am joyful.  I laugh at the dogs' antics and it's the perfect way to begin my day.

Look around.  I guarantee you will find something to smile at, if not laugh aloud.  Joy and laughter are there for the taking.  Reach out and grab yours.


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