Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wahoo Wednesday!

I haven't done a Wahoo Wednesday in a while so here goes!

Today's Wahoo Wednesday goes out to the women in my life.  From my sisters (blood and otherwise), to my friends, to my mentors; I cannot say enough wonderful things about the women in my life.

Too often we see and hear media reports of women attacking one another.  Whether it's working moms vs. stay-at-home, white collar vs. blue, Democrat vs. Republican; not a day goes by where one woman is not publicly attacking another.  I must be one of the luckiest women on earth.

My friends and family are loving, supportive, steadfast, and true.  They lift me up when I fall, are proud of me when I do well, and are not afraid to give me a reality check when I need one.  They are the most incredible women and I am so proud to know each and every one of them.

This Wahoo Wednesday, reach out to the women in your life.  Let them know how valued they are and let them know how much they are loved.

I just did.


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