Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Two weeks ago, I dealt with a personal loss.  There were a few lessons I learned in the process.

1.  Traveling ten hours with my son driving is survivable.  It was actually enjoyable!

2.  The generosity and kindness of a friend opening her home to us was immeasurable.

3.  The friends who gave up their time during the weekend to support me have a permanent place in my heart.

4.  On the opposite side of that coin is that friend who made numerous protestations of love and support but ultimately did not find it convenient to fit five minutes into her schedule.  Not surprisingly, that is also the same friend who expects a listening ear to be available whenever needed for extended, lengthy phone calls.

5.  I am lucky to have an incredibly strong, brave, and loving son.  I have never been so proud of him as I was on this trip.  

6.  While sharing my grief on my social media, it is not wise to continue sharing.  While I may be living in this space, it is not fair, loving, or appropriate to expect or subject anyone else to living there with me.

7.  When people show you who they truly are, whether good or bad, believe them.

8.  Keep your circle small.  Those who love you will make themselves know.  Keep those people close.

9.  Life does go on.  Daily activities must still be completed.  Grief cannot, and should not, interfere with responsibilities.  Grief does not pay the bills, do the grocery shopping, or water the garden. This is when you rely on your own strength and determination.

10. I am incredibly blessed with those I include in my circle.  For the friends who were physically there for me, for those who texted, called, and messaged me on a regular basis to check on me, for an incredible son...I am a fortunate woman.


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